snow peace in mountain

Snow peace in Manali

It was heavy snowfall in Manali in the month on Jan 7th 2020, as usual local comes home early. I was in my friend’s house in village Buruwa, after finishing snow trek at Solang valley i was coming back to Manali and stayed at village Buruwa at friend’s house. The room was warm wood-burning at iron tandoor generally local use in winters to get the room warm. I have been offered “Lugdi “a local wine i drank too much remembering the olden days when i used to visit quite often and stayed for days. I remember village people were friendly, i had been called at every house in the locality for the dinner, but not too much of money with the people, they treat strangers in friendly way. I was greeted in every house offered drinks and people used to sing local songs no matters who you are they were friendly to everyone. But snow peace in the mountain is diminishing.

The lot of changes i saw in villages, society, friends closely i watch the modernisation of the Manali valley which was disaster people change themselves and tourism reacted in the form of money, lots of demand for the land in the valley i saw many become rich by selling their land, few lost land and money after selling, but one thing which was not good for the valley is converting into the concrete jungle. Lots of people from outside demanding to buy land that is called urbanisation it has diluted the beauty of the area. Rohtang tunnel came in Dundi where i used to camp in the summers in 1997, destroyed the beauty of the area, i really cry for this place for man-made disaster it ruin the place , the world has changed but the people of village Palchan, Kothi, Solang, Burwa, Shinag, Majhach are same, no change in their lifestyle but forcibly in the modern days black cloud is surrounding them. I really mercy for the Manali valley, i have been travelling years to many places of Himachal in the world but no tourism infrastructure is given by the government in Himachal.

How people changed in Jagat Sukh and prini village due to hydropower project, villagers sold their land and made money, why it had happened nobody tried to stop this but follows the same route of modernisation. The Manali has lost beauty as i remember in olden days 90s foreigners and locals used to gather at madras cafe owned by Swamiji and yogiji in the evening sitting around chatting. Mall market area use to be called Dana bazar.

The business houses are there to grab the opportunity in Manali disaster for disaster. Why the government is not looking to make some policies to stop this disaster.

Lots of hotels everywhere people are running for betterment, I think that is called modernisation, the Manali beauty is paid its price. What lost by Manali people is simplicity, land, local rights, by the time they will wakeup very few things will remain in their hand.

I woke next day at Murlis house a 2 feet snow outside ,i trek from Buruwa to Manali.
Snow peace in the mountain will be snatched automatically.